Greek God Program Review

Greg O’Gallagher’s Greek God Program Shows You How To Build Lean Dense Muscle like a Greek God…the Easiest and Most Effective Way Possible….While Exposing the Myths You Believed Were Helping You Grow….Hype or For Real? Lets take a look……”


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My unbiased and honest review from someone who has been around the “bodybuilding block” a time or two


My Greek God Program Review:


I’ll admit at first glance I thought this was the same old, same old “new revolutionary program” crap that the fitness industry of one is so famous for. But after starting to read more and more of the Greek God product pagea little smile quickly went across my face.

Believe it or not I am a previous competitive natural bodybuilder myself who had to stop competing as of late due to an injury. Without blowing smoke up my ass, and just to be blatently honest. I used to get frequently asked by friends and other gym go-ers what I was “doing” to get so big. They always would say “im eating x amount of calories, taking supplements a,b,c,d,e,f etc, im sleeping good and i’m training hard. Yet you keep growing huge and I’m not.

I cant tell you how many times the answer has been the way they train (assuming there diet was in check). It seems to be the generic norm to train 5-6 days a week and blast the sh!t out of 1 body part per session with high volume. People believe this because they read the fitness magazines, and see or hear all the pro’s doing this. What people don’t understand is all of these pro’s are taking anabolic steroids, hgh, igf-1, etc. These type of drugs greatly and I mean greatly increase your strength, recovery and workload you can handle.

The problem with this way of training is your body can’t recover from this workload, like Greg says and I 100% agree its not the individual body parts, its the total overall stress to your CNS (central nervous system) that cant keep up.

For this reason I have always stuck to a 2-4 day split. Making my greatest gains in the past by following a 3 day split. Why? , because I can blast away the poundages fully recovered and ready to go. The 3 day split is the core behind Greg’s Greek God Program and I couldnt agree more.

I also like how in the Greek God Program Greg admits that most supplements are useless and a waste of your hard earned money. He also shows you the few KEY supplements that actually work to help you recover and pack on dense fat free muscle.

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 Although its not just as easy as randomly selecting a 3 day split, taking the good supplements and having a go. You have to know what exercises to do, what order to do them in, what amount of sets/volume to do, and what approach to take when you plateau. These are all make it or break it factors here and Greg shows you how to handle ALL of these curveballs in the Greek God Muscle Building Program.

In the Greek God Program Greg shows you exactly how to pack on lean dense muscle by using his tried and true muscle building strategy called “Mega Training”. MEGA Training stands for “Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration” Training. With the idea being that you can achieve explosive growth without over-training and actually less time in the gym.

I can personally attest to these methods and for me it is BY FAR the best way to train. I can confidently say that I owe some of my best later bulks to these type of methods. Where I gained way more size than I expected.

Greg shows you exactly what MEGA Training is and how to incorporate it properly.

You’ve also probably heard the expression “muscles arent made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen”. I couldnt agree more with this, and Greg couldn’t either. Nutrition is of HUGE importance to growth. You really cant mess this up and expect good results.

In the Greek God Program he gives you his full in depth Nutrition Guide. Eliminating all the broscience (myths) about nutrition. Such as needing to eat every 2-3 hours or carb/fat/protein vs carbs/protein vs fat/protein, etc. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be eating muscle effectively after this.

Honestly I know I’m sounding salesy and I hate that but its like Greg has taken everything that has worked for me, that has taken me years to figure out and has put it into his Greek God Program, and then some. There is even stuff in here I wasnt aware of, that you can be sure I will be implementing for more growth.

I could write on and on about this program but rather than take up more of your time I will just blatently come out and say it. If you are a beginner or seasoned veteran to weight lifting and want to increase your strength, pack on dense fat free muscle, get one step closer to achieving the body of your dreams, or overall just achieve greater success in the gym. I strongly urge you to get Greg’s O’Gallagher’s Greek God Muscle Building Program.

If there is one product you buy online this year for your health let it be this one and you surely wont be dissapointed.


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