Best Muscle Building Stack You Must Have for Muscle Growth

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So by now you’ve probably bought or at least checked out the greek god workout program review.

That means you now will know exactly how and what you need to do to starting packing on lean muscle.

Inside the program Greg will show you some of the best supplements for muscle growth that he prefers, but I always think two heads are better than one, and I am going to show you what supplements I take almost exclusively in what I believe makes up the best muscle building stack.

These are the supplements that I used throughout my career to go from 150lbs to upwards of 230lbs naturally.

Now before I get into it, I truly believe that most supplements are almost completely useless and not needed. I see so many people thinking they will have the best muscle building stack around, when in reality they are just wasting their money on this crap.

However, there are a few staple supplements that I have pretty much year round in my muscle building stack no matter if I am cutting, bulking, maintaining, existing…with the exception of one.

Here I am going to show you my best muscle building stack / my top 5 staple supplements in order of importance, that I think everyone who is serious about packing on muscle should be incorporating.


1# Protein Powder

protein powderIf there was only one thing I could buy besides food for my fitness goals it would be protein powder.

In fact you’re probably already taking this, and if you aren’t you either have some specific health preferences, are living in the stone age, or enjoy gnawing on chicken breasts all day.

While there are tons and tons of selections of good, gimmicky and overly expensive protein powders out there I am just going to cut the bull$@#^ and tell you my top 2 favorite / best protein powders for weight loss or muscle growth that I buy year round.

Don’t fall into the hype of thinking you need specific protein powders for cutting or bulking.

Or that the new powder that’s 10$ more than everything else but includes “new revolutionary glutamine mach 20 with branched chain amino acid trz4, providing a direct correlation to muscle fiber activators” is going to work any different than your basic quality powder, it just isn’t.

I typically will buy 5-10lb tubs of protein powder at a time because its a daily essential.

So without further ado, the top 2 protein powders I recommend are:


Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Known as the world’s best selling whey (although I really don’t care). It contains a blend of 3 different forms of whey (concentrates, isolates, peptides, but again this really doesnt matter) and contains more than 5 grams of BCAA’s and over 4 grams of glutamine.

What I really care about is that it is well priced, comes in many varieties of flavors, is high quality, tastes great and mixes easily.

It is the perfect protein for bulking or cutting because it contains: 120 calories, 24g Protein, 1g Fat, 3g Carbs

optimum whey gold standard


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If your a big boy:

optimum whey gold standard


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Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey Protein Isolate

Take exactly what I said about the Optimum protein and apply that to this as well. Really their both great proteins (play eeni meeni miini moh to pick one, it doesn’t matter).

Also great for bulking or cutting, a serving contains: 114 calories, 24g Protein, 1.5g Fat, 2g Carbs.

dymatize elite whey isolate
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Note: I would advise you buy your powder online unless you really want to pay extra and support your local supplement store. I used to buy from but I now prefer as the shipping is faster and the prices are usually lower

Double Note: If your unsure about which flavor to buy, go for chocolate every time. 95% of the time it tastes great to everyone no matter which company they buy from.


#2 Creatine:

I am pretty sure this is still the only supplement actually proven by science to work. I can attest to immediate strength gains of about 5-10lb weight increments on your bench press.

You will also most likely gain 2-4lbs of water retention. The good news is the water retention is stored in your muscles not your face. I have strong arm genetics and I remember my arms looking immediately larger within the week.

I want to make note that some people prefer all the other designer types of creatine’s. I personally think unless you notice some weird type of bloating that you should just stick to the tried and true monohydrate. (p.s. creatine wont destroy your liver or kill your family)

I recommend the biggest tub of Creatine Monohydrate you can find. The more you buy at once the cheaper it usually is. Go for the 2000g if you can spare the $40 up front add this to your muscle building stack, the stuff will last you over a year.

creatine mono


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3# Multi Vitamin

Go for a good sports multi vitamin that wont break the bank…..that is all.

p.s. whatever you do, do not go to GNC and buy Opti-Men for $30-40 dollars, they are ripping you off.

I personally grab a 2 pack of adam:

now adam


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If you love your Opti’s then:

opti men multi vitamin


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Either one is fine, its pretty hard to f%^$ up vitamins, unless you buy the crappy ones that don’t dissolve properly.


4# Fish Oil

Fish oil has become a big deal lately and seems to be everywhere. Your brain is primarily made of fat, and taking omega 3’s provide benefits that trans fats do not.

They also have many other benefits and help with joint issues and overall health, as well as weight control.

A simple good quality fish oil is fine:

fish oil


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If you are cutting this is a great thing to take before or during cardio or weight training. Without going into too much detail the aim for taking them is too preserve muscle mass when you are in a catabolic state.

You can take them during a bulk if you really desire, but I wouldn’t waste my money.

I prefer a 90 day supply of Purple Wraath as it should last your entire cutting phase, simple and easy:



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There you have it. No muscletech 52 million XT, no super cell muscle activators crap, that you will burn wholes in your pocket and have you pissing out liquid money.

These are the supplements I used throughout my career and the only supplements you really need for the best muscle building stack.

Obviously there are some supplements out there that may offer some positive benefits that you cant try but I would not add that until you have each of these in your arsenal.

Add all of these and you will truly have the best muscle building stack around.