How To Look Like A Greek God

Hello, if you have landed on this page then no doubt you are trying to figure out exactly how to look like a greek god. Well, you came to the right place by landing on this site here. As our entire goal is how to sculpt yourself a body exactly like a greek god. As long as you’re not here to grow a god like beard then we’ll be perfectly fine.


how to look like a greek godHow To Look Like A Greek God: The 3 Key Things

There is nothing overly complex or special about a greek god physique. It is simply a fairly large amount of muscle mass, dominantly in the upper body. Fairly low levels of body fat and a chiseled six pack. With the proper know-how, a very achievable goal. At the core of it all, in order to look like a Greek god you must follow three key things.

  1. Sleep Right
  2. Eat Right
  3. Train Right

Failure to do any one of these three things correctly could result in wasted efforts and worse — no results.


Sleeping correctly is absolutely crucial to making yourself look like a Greek god. Muscle tissue, growth hormone and energy levels grow, repair and replenish during sleep. Typically the more you sleep the more energy, alertness, strength, testosterone and growth hormone you will have.

The reason I was able to pack on so much dense muscle and look like a greek god was because I would sleep anywhere from 9-10 hours per day. This was the key for me to increase my weight lifting poundages every week.

Eat Like A Greek God

In order for muscle tissue to actually grow you need to be eating a little over your daily requirements. Typically a good standard is 500 calories over your current caloric maintenance — in other words, 500 calories more than you would normally eat to gain or lose no weight.

However, you have to be smart with your food. Eliminating most sugars, junk foods or other bad foods and replacing them with healthy balances of good protein, carbs, and fats is the way to go.

A good standard to follow is; for each lb of body weight, match that per grams in protein. So a 200lb individual would eat roughly 200g protein per day when trying to build muscle and eventually look like a greek god.

I’ve given the very basics of it, and I have to say there is a bit of an art form to eating properly, however, all of that is covered to an exact tee in the greek god muscle building program.


Now if you are sleeping correctly and eating correctly the last thing to do is make sure you are training correctly. To develop a killer physique to look like a greek god there are some minor tweaks you can make to your training to influence the outcome. Genetics play a huge factor in what you will look like but there are ways to modify it to an extent.

First off to look like a greek god you need sufficient muscle mass. There is no exceptions to this rule. Now throughout my career I have found the absolute best and fastest way to gain muscle mass for a natural bodybuilder is through training the way the magazines don’t tell you about.

What do I mean? Well, everyone under the sun seems to advocate and adhere to the five to six day split. They do this because they see it in all of the weight lifting magazines. The problem is all of those bodybuilder’s are using steroids. Steroids greatly, and I mean greatly increase your strength, recovery and muscle mass. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, and the reason steroids didn’t work for them is because they had piss poor training, nutrition, or sleep.

So what is the best training on how to look like a Greek god? Well the absolute best way to train to simply build muscle over all is through a 3-4 day split. Why? Because your body has ample time to recover between sessions and you are surely able to lift at your maximum if you are well rested. Lifting at your maximum every week = more muscle mass, vs, running a five day split and plateauing week after week because you simply can’t lift more weight.

Now its a little more complicated than that because in order to get the most results you need to know exactly what exercises to do; how to do them; and in what order to do them. Then there’s also figuring out what to do when you plateau, which can end up stumping some people for years. I’ve known people who have been lifting the same weight for years — and guess what — they don’t grow.

Now I am not going to say you can’t learn this on your own because you can. But learning all of these things could take you years. Personally it took me about 2.5 years to learn all of these things myself and I was actually a fast learner, and obsessive when it comes to working out.

However I have since found my absolute favorite program that walks you through how to do all of these things step by step. Go figure its actually called the greek god program. I have wrote a review on the greek god muscle building program here.

This program is great as it advocates the 3-4 day split and teaches you everything you need to know about all of the things I mentioned above. It has even taught me a few new things.

So there you have it, in essence everything I talked about is exactly how to look like a greek god. While I didn’t go very deep in my explanations (as that would take all day) at the core of it all, these are the three things everyone who remotely resembles a greek god is integrating correctly.