Overall Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Omega three fatty acids or fish oil are considered important fatty acids. They are great for bodybuilding purposes, but in this article I am going to discuss their overall health benefit for any individual.

Fish oil are crucial in the human body as they aide in normal growth and development. They cannot be formed in the body hence the need to take food rich in the fats. They can be found in fish such as halibut, tuna, salmon, nut oils, a variety of plants and seafood that includes krill and algae. The other name used to refer to the fats includes polyunsaturated fatty acids. Too much or minimal intake of omega three fatty acids leads to a variety of diseases. Omega 3 supplementation has since gained a lot of popularity. Some of the benefits of omega three fatty acids include:

These fats help in prevention of the most common types of cancer. They include prostate, colon and breast cancer. The fats help stop alteration of a normal occurring cell to the cancerous mass hence causing death of some of the cancerous cells. More research is being undertaken to increase the prevention and survival for cancer patients.

The fats are essential in patients suffering from arthritis as they improve tenderness and stiffness in the joints for a period of three months. It is known that patients with rheumatoid arthritis could stop taking steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs after consumption of fish oil.

The supplements also prevent symptoms of bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and depression. There is also notable improvement in patients taking prescribed antidepressants and omega three fatty acids compared to those taking the drugs alone.

Fish oils also help prevent degenerative ailments as they stop misfolding of proteins that could cause mutation of genes in ailments like Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Also, individuals that consume a lot of these fats perform better in memory exams and have a lesser chance of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.

Taking about two grams of fatty oils helps in the reduction in the number people who suffer from heart related ailments by almost a third. The oils protect the heart from disturbances by the erratic cardiac rhythms, lower the blood pressure, LDLs, triglycerides, cholesterol and assists in breaking up of blood clots. They also enhance proper HDL in the cholesterol.

Apart from increasing the IQ in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, it is also beneficial to normal individuals as it increases brain skills compared to those who took placebo.

The normal administration for omega three fatty acids is three grams recommended by the Food and Drug Administration. This should be taken every day. People are also recommended to take fish at least two times in a week.

For more general info on fish oil supplementation you can also check out Wikipedia’s fish oil page.